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Retail Space Management is one of the cornerstones of good retailing.  Space in store is the third most valuable operational asset of a retailer after stock and people.  Some do it well, some do it badly, some do it by instinct or custom and practice - many don't understand the key profit driving potential of not wasting selling space!


Retail space is simple in concept and addresses 6 questions


Let me explain each of the 6 pillars of Space and give you some examples from projects under my control.  Press the                 buttons for more on each point
















With over 20 years amongst these pillars, I can cut 'cut the stones' and 'build the blocks' fast and with skill!


And access to related specialist resource means that I can deliver the

project scope that is right to gain your new opportunity or solve your old,

nagging problem!

Retail Space - My Specialism

The Definition

What can I do for your business?

The Third Resource

Plain Talk                                                 Space Manager's Jargon!


How much fixture for each category?


What product to put in it?


How to arrange the product?


Where it goes in the store?


What it should sit next to?


When it happens?

Macro Space Allocation & Store Format


Range Planning


Display and Planograms


Store Layout, Flow and Design




Seasonal planning / Refit project management

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