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Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Individually tailored initiatives bring added profits and/or reduced costs to your business




I can effectively create and enthusiastically deliver yours.  Many firms miss out on the opportunity of outsourcing single solutions or projects to independent managers.  It doesn't have to cost a lot!  I won't work with you unless the fee is a trivial part of the benefit!


If you think you don't have a problem... that you are aware of... then beware!  

Your business is in danger because there are many problems lurking to catch you out! But there often just isn't enough time in the day to attend to some issues - sometimes even important problems or opportunties.



A Solutions Workshop can get you going fast!  

At its simplest it consists of some pre-planning, a workshop day (or 1/2 day), then feedback of the ideas, solutions and action plan to kick off the action to reap the rewards.




Could you benefit from a fresh perspective? An objective opinion? Someone to bounce your ideas off? Some added expertise or know how?  Help thinking it through?

Solutions Workshops

Project Management  & Interim Task Force

The 'Process Chaser'

Think solutions not problems!

What can I do for your business?

Mentoring & Coaching

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Your business has 2 types of process issues :

1) Those you ARE aware of and 2) Those you are NOT aware of!


Whatever the process there are opportunities to save cost or enhance profit.

Using techniques of process analysis and involving the business team(s) it's amazing how much additional profit or saved costs can often be identified  in a short time.




Using tried and trusted methods, I can help you attack that project that is nagging to be done and bring it to a profitable conclusion.

And access to other specialist resources means that I can deliver the right project at the right scale to help you achieve your new opportunity or solve your current problem!