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Web Copy Service

I have a 'hot line' in originating and improving what you say on your website

  • Tune up what you say to what you mean!

  • Look good in print!

  • Read well!

Make copy work hard for your business!

‘Tune Up’

Existing Copy Editing

This service takes your existing web copy or proof pages and edits or reformats to optimise marketing message and search engine effectiveness.  A page is typically 4-500 words:


Per word                                                                                                                12p  

Multiple page briefs over 1000 words                                                                    £50/page

Original Copy Writing

This is a full service to write new, original copy tailored to your business and to meet your requirements. Typically this covers:


Taking your brief to identify content and pages

Writing draft copy

Amend and revise draft copy

Further revisions


That works out to around 15 -25p per word.  

3 Pages of copy (1200-1500 words) around £250-350

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£70/hour + expenses*


No additional fee